Deseo trailer filmed by our partner in Mexico

DuVals of Virginia 1701 will be the first production of El Jefe Productions. The founder who is a descendant of the Virginia DuVals has the desire to bring the aristocratic and historical legacy to the screen similar to many of the other shows and films which have graced the television and movie houses over the decades.

The DuVals of Virginia are one of the oldest aristocratic and historical families of all the founding families of the United States. The DuVals existence traces back to France and England where they were first acquainted with the DuBois family. 

DuVals of Virginia 1701 Season 2 will follow the life of our founders uncle William “Pope” DuVal who at 15 left home after he proclaimed to his father Chevalier (means Knight in France which is a title of nobility) Daniel DuVal that he would not return home until he was a “Senator”. William “Pope” DuVal went on to become Senator, Congressman and the 1st and longest serving territorial Governor of Florida. Most consider William “Pope” DuVal the first Governor of Florida. He also drafted Florida’s first constitution, made peace with the Seminole Indians, and also served as both a state and federal judge.